4 Ways Ministry Metrics Can Help Your Church

Reporting to the Leadership of the church should encompass Financial Statements, Financial Metrics and Non-Financial Ministry Metrics.

This post starts a series of posts in regards to Non-Financial Ministry Metrics.

So, why bother with Ministry Metrics? What can they do for your church?

1. Ministry Metrics can be used to assess the implementation of your Vision and Mission
. I mean, you have a specific vision right? And, you have specific things you are doing to achieve that vision right? Metrics answer, “How well are they working?’

2. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “What gets measured, gets improved.” Besides depending on God to grow your fellowship, focus on the RIGHT metrics (and ministry plans) over time, and your church will grow in number and discipleship – and the finances to fund your vision/mission will take care of themselves as well.

There are two types of Metrics. Quantitative and Qualitative. Both together provide a more holistic picture. One is based in fact, the other, more in subjective questions. (Like life change you see & hear taking place). The next few posts will fall under the Quantitative heading. Facts are our friends, right?

3. Used correctly, metrics can get Church Staff excited because it measures the effectiveness of the very things they are pouring their lives into. Yes, they must steward finances but they must also steward the vision and strategic plans of the church. Both represent souls.

4. Metrics show movement and can confirm things are working as intended but can also direct attention to those areas that need improvement. Comparing Metrics to Internal Goals and External Benchmarks are helpful. It’s really helpful to track how well you’re doing in relation to your ministry plans and other churches.

Bottom line
Good data leads to good decisions.

In a series of posts regarding Ministry Metrics, we’ll take a look at 3 major areas

1. Front Door Metrics – measures how well you’re doing in getting new guests to come to your church
2. Side Door Metrics – measures how well you’re doing in moving new guests to deeper relationships with others and Christ
3. Back Door Metrics – although the processes the Side Door Metrics measure are there to close the proverbial Backdoor, in that if you can get them plugged in, the less likely they are to leave – But there are a few areas to track to assess the overall effectiveness and metrics/analysis to head off people leaving based upon some early warning signs. We’ll look at what those are.

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