Services Overview

  • CFO Services

Pastor, get back to Praying, Pastoring, Preaching and Leading.  Leave the Finances to me. Get your Finance Chair or Team back to providing you with Decision Support, Planning and Oversight – and out of the operational accounting details.

You get great Accounting and Finance services for an insanely low price. (read about my fees below). Spend the money you will save not hiring an Accountant, Business Admin or Director of Finance on another ministry position instead. That’s good stewardship.

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  • Church Giving Profile Analysis

Pastor, you probably know total giving relative to budget and prior years. You probably know the overall trends. You may even know the number of givers in your church.

Take your understanding of your church’s giving to another level. Discover the drivers behind your giving trends. Use the data to minister to your people.

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Fee Structure

My fees are not based upon hours, but instead are based upon the project scope and church size. This way, the church knows the cost upfront (no surprises), and the flat fees take into consideration the budget size of your church.

Know this – my goal is to first serve the church and secondly to earn dollars. I’m semi-retired and I’m not trying to make a living at this. I believe you will find the fee structure very reasonable. My goal is to serve you beyond your expectations for MUCH less than the cost of a part-time employee. Should your church need any of the services I offer but cannot afford the quoted price, I’ll do my utmost to fit it into your budget.

How It Works

Work is done remotely. Sensitive info is sent/received via a secure email service. I can also remote into your system as needed to perform work, training of your bookkeeper or to run a presentation during a phone conference. I’m available anytime via phone, email or text – Facebook and Twitter too. I can come onsite as needed in the SC Upstate area.


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