CFO Services

In short, I’ll close the books [1], review, issue and explain reports [2, 5]. We’ll develop a budget [3] aligned with Pastor’s heart. All this will sit on top of sound financial policies [4] customized to your church. See below for more info.

1. Providing guidance to your Church Bookkeeper or Financial Secretary

I’ll assess your current set of books, the accounting procedures and the closing process. I will then recommend ways to strengthen your bookkeeping. Working with your Bookkeeper and Finance Chair, implement agreed upon improvements. I will review the books, supporting docs, reconciliations and resulting financials monthly. Your bookkeeper will be kept in the loop the entire time.

2. Developing and implementing reporting systems tailored to your needs and those of your audiences

I’ll assess current reporting systems – financial and non-financial metrics – then suggest improvements that fit your needs and those of your staff, committees and church. We’ll develop the needed weekly, monthly reporting.

3. Developing and implementing budget processes aligned to Pastor’s heart and church strategy

I’ll start by asking questions of the Pastor as to where the church is, where he wants it to be and understand the strategy to get there. I’ll assess the current budget process and suggest improvements. During the budget process, I’ll manage the timeline, compile submissions if needed, prepare reports for budget meetings and create communication materials for the church. I’ll then work with your bookkeeper to get the budget entered in systems.

4. Developing and implementing Segregation of Duties

I’ll assess your current financial control practices, suggest ways to strengthen the controls to prevent opportunities for fraud and the appearance of wrongdoing in the spirit of 2 Corinthians 8:18-21. We’ll employ the Segregation of Duties Principle designing and implementing that which best fits your organization. For small churches, this could include inserting me as a control agent in certain areas. I’ll work with you, your Finance Team and Bookkeeper in designing and writing financial policies that protect you, your staff and the church.

5. Advising Pastor, Staff and Finance Team on Financial Condition, Results vs. Expectations

I’ll issue monthly analysis along with the monthly reports and include a narrative and other highlights/analysis on a quarterly basis. I’ll summarize and make sure Pastor and Finance Team understand. I’ll be your sounding board and I’ll prepare you for meetings.


Don’t need all these services? Mix and Match any of the above.

Pricing is designed to not break the bank. In fact, the cost of all of the above would be much less than a part-time position. Use the savings to hire another ministry staff position.

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