Free Work Planning Template

As stated in my previous post (see this), having an effective Work Planning System is paramount to getting important things done.

Today, I want to share the template system I use to stay organized. It’s an Excel worksheet…because I’m a geek that way. I tried other apps, but kept coming back to this Excel sheet. (I use Evernote for those times I’m not around my computer, and for a few other things, but that’s another post).

I use this template to plan out my week ahead of time. I review it the first thing each day, and throughout the day as needed. In fact, I just keep the sheet open all day so that as things come up or to mind, I make notes right then … before I forget!

/Work Planning Template/

The components of the template:

• Annual Goals
• Plan for the Week
• Upcoming Tasks
• Discussion Topics
• Projects and Requests
• Misc Notes Section

Here’s the link to the Work-Planning-Template.xlsx.

I’ve included notes in a separate tab explaining each section in more detail. I hope you like it.