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Listen, my heart is to help the local church, her Pastors and Finance Leaders. To that end…

Leadership is Stewardship. God owns everything. Time, talents, and ALL resources. We are responsible to manage all He owns – Do it well, the reward is worth the investment.

To help Pastors and Finance Leaders steward the financial resources of the church well.

From a macro perspective, this is done by maintaining an environment of trust – the congregation trusts the Pastor, Staff and Lay Leaders to steward these resources well. This involves communication and a certain level of transparency that incorporates proper accounting, planning, reporting and systems. These areas also facilitate sound decision-making that honors the Lord Jesus Christ, which further enhances trust.

My ultimate goal is for you to steward in such a way so that you can hear “Well done thy good and faithful servant.”


This is the what and how of the site. I post content in three primary categories – Systems, Ministry Planning and Reporting. Good stewardship requires all 3.

Systems: Good stewardship cannot occur without a solid foundation of Financial Best Practices. This is where the Segregation of Duties Principal comes into play and is the fabric upon which all Financial Systems rest. Learn how to protect you, your staff and the church.

Planning: The Bible is replete with the call to be planners. Learn about Margin Planning, Budgeting, Capital Campaigns, Church Loans, Cash Reserves and the like.

Reporting: Now that you have solid financial controls and budgets and other plans in place, you can report results that are reliable, trustworthy and complete. Learn about financial reporting, ministry metrics, giving analysis and more.


Pastors are busy and have lots of responsibilities beyond the business aspects of the church. Pastors may not have the time or the expertise. Finance Teams can get caught up in the operating details instead of oversight, decision support and planning. Check out this page to learn more.