Microsoft Excel - Friend or Foe?

Everybody loves Microsoft Excel right? I mean it’s a great tool for reporting, modeling and analytics. Back in the day, it made up for System shortcomings in that one could quickly […]

Kicking It Up a Notch – Notch #2

Question: How does one make things better? Answer: One Notch (step) at a time. Incrementally.  Notch 1 was getting current on invoices, or getting them in the correct period. It […]

The Cost of the All-Staff Meeting

I get it. Meetings are sometimes necessary. You know, the weekly Staff Meeting. Then there are others. Senior staff. Certain ministry staff. Support staff meetings and so on. Today, I […]

Kicking It Up a Notch - Notch #1

I ended my previous post with this statement: “Pastor, there’s no need to wait till you can hire a trained bookkeeper or accountant to take steps to make the bookkeeping […]