This is a companion post to my post “Free Closing Checklist Template”. [See that post here]. I decided it may be helpful to provide TWO EXAMPLE checklists to give you […]

Free Closing Checklist Template

So you are in charge of closing the books. Having a checklist is a solid control in any process, and is no different here. I mean, if you desire your […]

In this my 3rd and final post about Planning for Margin, we’ll take a look a the Margin Model I use to get the “Pre-Budget” conversation started. The model is […]

In my last post, we talked about Planning for Margin before diving into the budget process. [See that post here]. To start, let’s define the Margin Equation: Total General Budget […]

Planning for Margin, Part 1

Someone told me once, “You can’t see it till you see it”.   MARGIN Today I want to start unpacking a model I use in helping church leadership “see it”.┬áBefore […]

Alrighty. SOD is a big term. Following is an excerpt from the AICPA website that does a pretty good job in explaining what it is and why it matters: Segregation […]

Ok, so you read about Segregation of Duties (SOD)from the AICPA. (see that post here). My turn. Imagine the one who enters invoices for payment and writes the check. Imagine […]

How I Use My Excel Ribbon

Alrighty. Sometimes, it’s the small things that can make all the difference. The first thing you need to set up in Excel is the Ribbon. It’s located in upper left […]